The criteria for choosing a suitable hotel

The criteria for choosing a suitable hotel

When you travel on vacation to travel to a place far from your home, the place you choose to stay has a great impact on your overall experience and memories of travel. And this does not mean that you should always spend a good hotel for a good hotel; it also means that you need to make reasonable choices when choosing a place to make a decision, so that you have a good choice. Here are some of the things that you should pay attention to when deciding what to do next, so stay tuned to us.

The hotel is affordable and affordable

One of the most important factors to consider when booking a hotel is its price and costs. In a suitable hotel, the cost of living must be commensurate with amenities and amenities. Of course, we should be convinced little and not excessive.

Relax in the hotel

People travel for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important and common reasons for these people is to achieve mental and physical relaxation and stay away from concerns and problems. Therefore, the order and relaxation of a hotel is one of the most important choices. In addition, the hotel's cleanliness and cleanliness are also of great importance and directly affect the quality of the hotel and the safety of passengers.

How to deal with staff and hotel staff with tourists

When we step into the hotel, the first thing we'll encounter is the crew and hotel staff. So, depending on how they behave with the tourists, they will attract or repel them. Because it's very important for all humans to behave and communicate with people around them.

Therefore, the hotel staff should make a leisurely trip for their tourists with friendly behavior. The staff and staff who are well-off and responsible are the most important factors in the success of a hotel.

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Leisure facilities and welfare services

Many hotels have so much fun and sporting facilities that can take much of your travel time. Facilities like the Senate, jacuzzi, gym, shopping mall, children's playroom, hot water, cinema ... can be one of the most important factors in choosing a good hotel.

In addition, amenities and services such as Landry, parking, room service, etc. can have a huge impact on the selection of the hotel.

Free internet in the hotel

Today, the era is the era of technology, and humans do a lot of their work through the Internet. Therefore, free Internet, especially on foreign travels, is one of the most important needs of travelers. When in a free internet hotel, travelers can easily do a lot of their work over the Internet and address their needs. Including: Keep in touch with your family and friends and, if necessary, carry out banking tasks and even your job duties during your trip.

A good restaurant with varied and high quality food

One of the facilities that most hotels offer for travelers is the restaurant.A good restaurant with a varied menu and serving high quality food is definitely a better chance to be chosen.


Appearance and hotel landscape

The appearance of a hotel and its luxury are the most important factors for choosing a hotel for many tourists. It goes without saying that the beauty and luxury of a hotel is not only limited to the appearance and design, but also affects all the facilities of the hotel.

Beautiful and unique rooms

Nowadays, with the advent of fashion and design, the classical concept of a room with a bed, a desk and a dresser, and so on. In the new world, when tourists go to the hotel, expect different things from their home facilities. For this reason, engineering and cartography are now more diverse and attractive in hotels. For example, interesting TV panels and an extra couch beside a large double bed are some of the features of today's rooms. Observing the harmony of colors and the unique design of the decor creates a pleasant and memorable experience for the guest.


In this article, we tried to familiarize you with the features of a good and suitable hotel so that you do not have a problem choosing your accommodation center. Samen Hotel Tehran is one of the top and most distinguished hotels in Tehran and has all of the features mentioned above and is in terms of services to dear tourists and travelers at the best service level. Hope to visit this beautiful hotel on your trip to Tehran and bring good memories of your stay there. We wish you a happy trip.

Health and hygiene in the hotel are important

The obsession that everyone has about their place of residence is the cleanliness of the rooms and the bathroom. Dining hall, staff cover and ... should be clean and tidy. A good hotel is a clean and clean hotel.

Hotel environment

When choosing a hotel, consider what type of hotel you want to stay, whether you want a luxurious hotel or a hotel that has a local smell, or whether you want to be located in a simple place.

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Free services and staffing services

When tourists choose a good hotel for their accommodation center, they expect a good service. Therefore, in a good hotel with a dedicated staff; when requested for boiling water, towels, glasses and so on, passengers can be provided without the cost of this service. Also, the use of the Internet, telephone, fax and other facilities is also without additional funds. Of course, it should be noted that welfare services and free hotels vary according to the quality of service.

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