Tips on booking a hotel

Tips on booking a hotel

The points in this article may have never been read or mentioned by anyone. By remembering these tips, you can book your hotel and make your stay more pleasant.

Here are some tips from the experience of professional travelers to help you stay on top of your travels and stay in the future.


Hotel types by star

When we see a 5-star hotel, our minds go straight to the best of fantasies and dreams!

Luxurious suites, luxurious decorations, fantastic views, Unrivalled paradise food and beverages, and ... Our imagination is from a 5 star hotel.

But it's good to be realistic; in fact, in many cases, the 5-star hotels have gotten the title off compared to other hotels in that area.

So, it's best to book a hotel before you see what the hotel is a few stars, such as room size, facilities available, whether or not Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, a gym, a number of restaurants and a variety of food and Check ... Sometimes the facilities offered in a 4-star hotel are much more appealing than a 5-star hotel. Do not forget, these are your needs and wants to stay in a hotel, not the number of stars!

To find out what the difference between hotel stars is, some basic features are required for any number of stars:

2 star hotels

Typically, the two star hotel is suitable for people who are worried about their costs and expenses. Therefore, some facilities in these hotels are limited so that people can save on their expenses. Of course, this service is available at the discretion of the traveler at a discounted price.

Two-star hotels typically range from 2 to 4 stars, and are close to cheap attractions, and the interior features of the rooms are clean but not luxurious and expensive, with the most basic amenities to be considered. . Most of the two star hotels do not have a restaurant, but usually they are located around which affordable restaurants can be found.

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3 star hotels

These hotels are usually bigger and lobbyier than the two star hotels. Normally, there are no personal three-star hotels to carry luggage. These hotels are often far from expensive to shopping malls or expensive tourist attractions.

The three star hotel restaurant is modest and not very large. The hotel serves breakfast in the buffet style, and in some 3 star hotels, lunch and dinner are served at the hotel, which should be used at a separate charge. Room service is provided. It's different, in some 3-star hotels, perhaps until the "Please clean the room," do not put on someone's room to clean up. A gym and a swimming pool are some of the three-star hotels, but there's no need to have these facilities in the three-star hotel.

4 star hotels

Four-star hotels are usually large and formal and have more facilities than 2-star and 3-star hotels. The staff of these hotels are more and more trained than lower-end hotels, and the comfort of the guests is the main goal of the staff.

5 star hotels

This type of hotel is in the first row and is the most complete and spacious hotel in terms of quality. In the 5-star hotel, the hotel's quality standards and standards must always be kept constant. Five star hotels should have the best service. The 5-star hotel has more and more outdoor space and more rooms and more facilities.

The five-star lobby is designed to be very large and luxurious, and their location varies, but five-star hotels are usually located in the center of the city, making it easy to reach many of the city's most sophisticated places. The rooms have the highest quality furnishings and bedding. Even the sheets in the rooms are also at the star rating of the hotel. These hotels should have the ultimate in features, which often include VCRs, high-quality health appliances, devices CD and DVD player, mini bar and other basic facilities. Rooms are equipped with a hairdryer, a bathrobe, slippers, a telephone line, a TV, and so on.

Room cleaning services are available 24 hours a day. Five star hotels usually have sports facilities, parking, security services, and a swimming pool. Most of the five star hotels have three distinct restaurants with a variety of cuisine. The number of rooms in these hotels should be over 100.


One of the other points to consider when choosing a hotel is, for example, that if you have a child's tourist, you should be mindful of your child's entertainment. So when booking a hotel, you should pay attention to whether there is a child with you or not! Many hotels have great recreational facilities, such as a playground for children, so if you know you have to stay in the hotel for hours in the hotel and have a passionate and emotional child, you should also take into consideration the recreational facilities when booking the hotel.

Pay attention to the hidden costs of the hotel

If the cost of travel is important and you want to manage the money you are paying, be careful of all the costs of the hotel. Perhaps the cost of a hotel is the same as the money you pay for accommodation, but there are other things that add to these costs.

In fact, you might think the service is free while the hotel receives money for it. So when booking a hotel, it is safe to know which services are free. For example, parking, newspapers, Internet Wi-Fi and ... are some of the things that any hotel may charge according to its terms.

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